Climbed Everest? HALO jumped from 30,000 ft? Trekked the Amazon? MISSION X


Find it at Mission X. We offer uniquely different guided tactical adventures, survival experiences and technical advising using an unsurpassed team of high calibre international special operations ex-soldiers. Our tactical adventures involve highly-charged, realistic wargame scenarios requiring the participants to execute covert special operations missions. Our team execute their client’s adventure experiences with professionalism, precision and authenticity. We are not only flooded with top tier special operations personnel but we are made up from some of the original key holders who opened the doors at the world-class King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center in Amman, Jordan.

Driven, Bold and Dynamic are just a few choice words that describe our team at Mission X. They hale from international special missions units and draw on their professional experiences and real-world missions to construct the tactical adventures made available to you. We provide an opportunity to step into the role as an elite unit member charged with undertaking daring and risky missions. In the end you will not only experience a wargame like no other but you will develop as a team over the course of the program, enhance your communication, teamwork and leadership skills and gain a whole other level of respect for the men who conduct such missions for real.